Welcome to Sounder

Your voice is your power.  It speaks to your clients, inspires your students, excites your customers, informs your colleagues.  Your voice is a key component for all ambitious organisations now and in the future.

Sounder opens up your voice.  Our inspirational training builds individual and collective voices for organisations of all kinds. Sounder always begins its explorations with the physical voice. It is a foundation upon which we build identity, personality, resilience and clarity.  The comfortable resonant voice we can help you discover is the start of many possible Sounder journeys. These include the emotional, gestural and embodied voice.  These in turn lead to written, recorded and spontaneous voices. Whether you lead multinational corporations, inspire generations of students, sell dreams, or entertain the masses, Sounder gives you options, gives you confidence, gives you power.

With methods drawn from theatre, academia, improvisation, performance art, professional practice, storytelling and far beyond Sounder is all about effective performance.  Working with groups of colleagues Sounder training transforms the way your organisation communicates.  Whether through our standard packages, or bespoke courses designed with you, Sounder empowers, inspires, and enables.

Created by Professor Andrea Davies and Dr Angus Cameron, Sounder builds on many years experience of voice and performance practice.  From our creative work with clients in universities, business schools, the arts, and private companies, we know we can help your organisation be All. Together. Sounder.