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As part of an extensive retrospective of Goldin&Senneby’s recent work, the installation ‘The Decaptitation of Money’ has been recreated in the Swedish financial regulators office.  This installation, which was part of the Headless project, was first created in Paris in 2010 and has since traveled all over the world.  The physical space is divided between two rooms, one reproducing the foyer of a Russian bank active in Paris in the 1950s and instrumental in the creation of ‘offshore’ currencies (specifically the Eurodollar), the other blacked out save for a map painted in white on the wall, illuminated only by occasional strobe flashes.  This produces a ‘ghost’ image of the map on the viewers’s retinas.  Those sitting in the darkened room are treated (if that’s the right word!) to a lecture I gave in a forest near Paris in May 2010 – the same forest depicted on the map.  In this lecture I muse on the diverse and peculiar history of money, and specifically on the strange process of its ‘decapitation’ – it’s progressive dematerialisation.

The Stockholm installation will run until March, so please go and take a look if you’re in town.  I am told that a group of European financial regulators are getting a special viewing of the installation this week, so who knows what effect that might have on the future of the Euro economy!

Details of this and the other shows that are included in the retrospective can be found on the Tensta Konsthall website: http://www.tenstakonsthall.se