socializing finance

From Nathan Coombs:

As readers of Socializing Finance will be well aware, the nexus of finance and society is increasingly subject to critical attention from a range of commentators. Economic sociologists and political economists have been at the forefront of such investigations, but they are increasingly accompanied by a wider array of theorists, activists, playwrights, novelists, and artists.

Finance and Society is a fully independent and open-access journal, dedicated to bringing together these diverse voices and generating new insights into how money and finance organise social life. Above all, the journal’s aim is to publish research in which the social substance of finance itself takes precedence over the canons and controversies of the academy.

In keeping with this overarching aim we have two ancillary goals for the journal. The first is to facilitate an extensive development of finance studies as a field. If present modes of inter-disciplinary exchange see cutting-edge…

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