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If you’re angry, disturbed or simply puzzled that someone would be silly enough to pay £21 million for a Warhol portrait of a dollar bill, you could do worse than to pop along to the ‘Market of Values’ being created at Chelsea College of Art on Saturday 11th July.

Organised by the ever-interesting and inspiring Critical Practice, various people will be ‘selling’ all manner of stuff, stories and ideas at a collection of market stalls.  Different forms of currency will be in circulation, some real, some invented especially for the occasion, some imaginary, and all speaking in  to the nature and meaning of ‘value’ – economic, aesthetic, cultural, social, etc..  My own contribution – In the Red – will consist of a series of stories about value(s) related to two ultra-valuable oil paintings produced especially for the occasion.  The stories will roam around, in a not-entirely-random fashion, topics such as mining, empire, chemistry, power, art, pricelessness and, as you would expect, lighthouses.    The paintings in question represent the entire oeuvre of a towering artistic genius of the 21st century (me, stop laughing) and are almost identical except for one crucial difference…..

But to find out what, you’ll have to come along to the market and pay me.  In money.  Bring lots. Flyer below….