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The new documentary film, ‘The Price we Pay’, which exposes and explores corporate tax avoidance, gets its first public airing in London on June 19th.  The film, by award-winning American director Harold Crooks will be shown as part of the ‘Open City Documentary Festival’ at the Regent Cinema.

Since its release in France earlier this year, the film has been given rave reviews, has been seen by over 50,000 people and even prompted the French President both to order a private viewing and to summon one of the main contributors – Thomas Piketty – to brief him on the issue.  Despite all the publicity surrounding cases such as Apple, Starbucks, Google and the rest, there seems to be relatively little public knowledge about the complex and shifting relationships between states, corporations and taxation.  The film uses a wide range of expert, business and activist voices (including mine) to explain how the idea of the ‘tax state’ has changed and even been inverted as corporations and wealthy individuals develop and exploit loopholes in tax laws.  Hopefully the film will soon be distributed more widely in the UK and beyond and will be able to stimulate further pubic debate about this urgent issue.