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in addition to the flurry of launch events for the novel Headless, a discussion about the connections between the art world and offshore finance is coming to a computer near you this Wednesday and Thursday.

Organised by students on the CCS Bard Graduate Program through their site OFFSHOREART.CO, the discussions will be conducted live online through the magic of Google Hangout.  The first, entitled Offshoring and
Virtual Infrastructures, includes geographer Deborah Cowen, film-maker Meredith Lackey, multimedia artist Yuri Pattison and, once again, anthropologist Bill Maurer.

The second, Incorporating Offshore: The stakes of going offshore for art, includes artist Marianne Heier, lawyer Nathan Newman, writer Nick Srnicek and, last and no doubt least, me to discuss Headless.

A link to the discussions can be found on the OFFSHOREART website and it would be great to have as many people join in as possible.