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If you’re in London next Wednesday and fancy an interesting-sounding free(-ish) evening out, the Science Museum is running one of its monthly, ‘adult only’, events they call ‘Lates’.  Attracting as many as three thousand people, these open evenings combine the somewhat incongruous elements of cabaret, club and lecture, allowing grown-ups to have fun with science-related whizz-bang things whilst enjoying a drink or three…..or four……

Next week’s event is on the theme of ‘Magic and Illusion’ and I have been asked to contribute a 20 minute talk which will be repeated three times (so you have no excuse!).  My contribution will be:


“The Tuppenny Illusion”

 Money is very odd stuff.  We spend much of our daily lives pursuing, getting and, if we can, spending it, and yet we rarely reflect on what it actually is.  This talk explores the paradoxical, magical and even devilish nature of the contents of our wallets.


See you there!