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Fame at last (I doubt) as a new documentary exploring the murky world of tax evasion is premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in early September.  Made by acclaimed and prize-winning film-maker Harold Crooks, and featuring yours truly discussing the nature of the tax state, The Price We Pay: La face cachée de l’impôt brings together a wide range of academics, activists, politicians, lawyers and others to expose the nature and extent of corporate malfeasance. My contribution was filmed in the old Royal Naval College in Greenwich last summer, linking the current depredations of City institutions to Britain’s imperial past. I have not yet seen the finished film myself, and unfortunately will not be able to get to the red carpet in Toronto for the premiere, but it will be on general release after the festival.  Notwithstanding my meagre contribution, Crooks has a track record for producing politically sophisticated and effective documentaries so I cannot wait to see it.  If you’re in Toronto on September 5th, go along!