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I am very excited to have been asked to deliver one of three symposia on islands – real, metaphorical, mythical, cynical, representational, urban, maritime, etc. – at the Kulttuurisauna New Academy in Helsinki.  Curated by architects Martti Kalliala and Tuomas Toivonen, the series also includes Keller Easterling and Pier Vittorio Aureli.  The sessions, each of them four hours long (a slightly daunting prospect if only for the audience!), are on February 8th (Easterling), March 1st (me) and March 21st (Aureli).  

I am particularly looking forward to sharing all this with a group of architects; a profession with which I have had very little direct contact hitherto.  It is slightly terrifying that the other contributors are themselves architects, as well as their many other activities, but I am sure they’ll forgive me my ignorance. Well, I hope so because otherwise it is going to be a very long four hours.

Either way, I am sure they will be extremely interesting sessions and I am really looking forward to the one I’m in.  And of course anyone likely to be in Helsinki is welcome to attend (though I gather than places are restricted, so please contact the organisers if you plan to come along).

I will post again once the symposium is over, but in the meantime click the island below for the project site and links: