Culture of the Market Network

Richard Robinson Business History Workshop
Portland State University
May 22-24 2014 Portland, OR

The Richard Robinson Business History Workshop at Portland State University
extends a call for papers concerning the social and cultural history of
money and credit. We are interested in papers that engage the meanings and uses of financial instruments in daily life as well as in the popular
imagination. Papers concerning the social history of money and credit in
non-Western contexts are particularly encouraged. Papers from all
disciplines are welcome so long as they address topics historically. Topics
proposed may include but are not limited to:

• The cultural history of currencies, including contested and alternative
• Credit and debt as social relations, and the social significance of
business contacts and credit networks
• Insolvency, bankruptcy, seizure of merchandise and imprisonment for debt
• Microcredit and informal credit instruments
• Credibility and personal reputation
• The…

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