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I’m delighted to be able to announce that I’ve been asked to become one of the editors of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies.  The journal has been around for five years and has been doing great things with annual issues, but is now looking to increase its publication rate, gain even greater academic credibiity and diversify its disciplinary base.  Until now it has been oriented primarily towards the (loosely defined) International Relations/International Political Economy community, but now also wants to draw in good stuff from sociologists, anthropologists, management theorists, philosophers, poets, theologians, art historians, geographers, media theorists, artists, curators, indeed anyone who has interesting things to say about globalisation.

The journal is peer-reviewed, but is fully and genuinely ‘open-access’ – in other words there are no paywalls, processing charges, or hoops to jump through: it’s all free, open and on-line.

I’m greatly looking forward to working on it with my co-editors: Amin Samman, Nathan Coombs and Chris Clarke.  Over the next year or so we’re looking both for individual articles and essays and for themed ‘special issues’, so if you have a burning topic you need to get out there, let us know.