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I have just received three copies of a book edited by curator Anna Colin entitled: Sorcières: Pourchassés, assumées, puissantes, queer (2012, B42/Maison Populaire).  The book brings together a series of essays, interviews, photographs and other material associated with a series of exhibitions curated by Anna at the Maison Populaire gallery in Montreuil.  As its title suggests, the book examines the figure of the witch in many different ways: feminist icon, activist identity, victim of patriarchal state power, paradox and so on.  My own contribution explores the strange contrast between the witch (burned for her association with the Devil) and the fool (tolerated despite a close association the demonic).


In addition to being a fascinating read (all the text is in both French and English), it is a very beautiful object in its own right: very nicely designed and presented.  A real treat.