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The clearly very wonderful Stephen Duncombe from New York University has created an open, digital version of Thomas More‘s Utopia – the original xenospace that kicked them all off.  The Open Utopia consists of a full translation of the text (the original was in Latin) along with all the letters and annotations that More and others produced alongside its first few editions. Over and above all that, the site is beautifully designed with loads of links to other versions and related texts as well as ‘social’ bits that allow anyone to contribute to discussions about a book that still urgently needs to be discussed.

This is a really great project for which I hope Prof Duncombe gets praised to the skies.  This, in my opinion, is what academia ought to be for.  The vandals currently destroying British academia should be forced to read this.  And if Prof Duncombe is wondering what to do with his time now he’s done this, Erasmus’ Moriae Encomium (In Praise of Folly), written around the same time as Utopia, in Thomas More’s house and dedicated to More himself, should be next.