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As part of the Abstract Possible exhibition currently showing at Eastside Projects, the documentary Looking for Headless will be screened at the Regus Offices in Birmingham on November 15th and 16th.  Eastside have just started selling tickets for the event – available from their site here.

In addition to the film itself, the screenings are worth attending just for the downright strangeness of the Regus Offices.  They are corporate-style offices and meeting rooms that can be hired by the hour in pretty much any city you care to mention.  And they are all exactly the same – a global corporate xenospace to ensure the utter conformity and comfort of the travelling ‘business’ person.  Two things to look out for: 1) the sweets in the bowl on the table are vile; 2) the pencils in the pot on the bureau at the end of the room are great – grab a fistful.