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Myself and my colleague Stephen Dunne have just started compiling a new edited volume on the subject of money.  Called Hard Cash, the book will consist of a range of reflections on the nature and (im)materiality of contemporary money.  Among the 20 or so chapters already promised are contributions dealing with the psychology of money, money-market technologies, ‘real’ money, various philosophical positions  on the meaning of money, ‘shadow banking’, poverty, horror, financialization and the time-honoured relationship between money and shit.

We’ll be bringing as many of our authors together as possible for a two-day workshop in association with the Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy at Leicester in early December after which, if they’re all still speaking to us, we’ll send them off to write their chapters for the end of May 2013.  Hopefully we’ll get the final thing out either by the end of 2013, beginning of 2014.  More news as it progresses.