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With my co-editors Jen Dickinson and Nichola Smith, I am currently putting the finishing touches to a book that will be coming out in  2013.  Called Body/State it consists of essays by a wide range of people (i.e. not all academics) that explore in one way or another the changing relationships between bodies and states (mainly nation states, but more widely defined than that in many cases).  Topics covered include money, constructions of disability, cosmetic surgery, maps, home-schooling, protest, sex-workers, organ transplants, ‘sniffing’ technologies and the rising importance of the ‘virtual’ body.

From the outset the book was intended to be both interdisciplinary and accessible to the widest possible audience.  As a result, the chapters are relatively informal and, we hope, relevant to many different people.

The book will be published by Ashgate in February 2013.  Details (including on how to pre-order your copy!) can be found on the publisher’s website.