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The most recent newsletter from Half Letter Press lists some interesting-sounding material related to matters spatial.  Among material in the ‘Regional Relationships’ series, for example, is an object by Matthew Friday that gives you (for the $50 price of subscription) a bag of, “Iron Oxide Pigment (from reclaimed acid mine drainage)” with which you make your own ink and, using the fountain pen and paper also supplied, draw dynamic resource aspects of your region and send it back to the artist for inclusion in an exhibition.

In a very different vein, but related to the theme of the ‘I’m not There’ exhibition in Cairo a few posts ago, is the book, “Why The Exhibit Was Canceled“.  This is, accoring to Half Letter, “a new (2012) offset print job for this publication! Actual “behind-the-scenes” correspondence between an artist and a curator as they attempt to negotiate the details of the artist’s upcoming exhibition.”  In other words, institutional censorship in action – documented.

Lots of other stuff too.