A very interesting response to Headless’ manifestation in Melbourne. And I have no idea who this ‘Dicko’ is….

ACCA art blog

Sophie Kitson (a fan)

It started off so innocently on the day the exhibition Power to the People: ContemporaryConceptualism and the Object in Art opened at ACCA. I looked at the teal wall in the back gallery, the series of documents laid under glass, numbered chapters that broke down and ordered some kind of narrative. Each element provided clues; convincing propositions linking a Bahamas-based company called Headless Ltd to philosopher Georges Bataille’s 1930s Parisian secret society Acephale (also meaning, ‘headless’). Conceived by Swedish artists, Goldin+Senneby, this reading room-style presentation, Looking for Headless was constructed like contemporary conceptual art: neat, standardized text-based works dispersed between photos of characters and places; striking images of decapitation; and a curious image of a headless man running along a beach. This man was an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a tautological narrative of global finance and Bataille.

There had to be numerous characters…

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