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The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) is currently exhibiting a Headless exhibit as part of the group show of contemporary conceptual art ‘Power to the People‘ curated by Hannah Mathews.  In conjunction with the show and as part of this year’s Melbourne Festival, I gave two presentations in Melbourne.  One was in the gallery space itself and addressed the themes of Headless.  The other was held in the Regus Office in Melbourne – generic office space available throughout the world in which  number of Headless events have taken place – and consisted of my own work (inflected by Headless) on ‘Trickster in Between’ (see previous posts). By coincidence, the second paper took place as Melbourne’s contribution to the global ‘occupation’ against capitalism was taking place a few streets away.  Sitting in a faceless corporate boardroom with a group of artists and curators talking about the devilish nature of money, seemed most appropriate.

ACCA’s own (very generous) take on the talks can be found on their Art Blog through the following links:

1 – The Gallery Talk

2 – The Regus Talk