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This short essay was commissioned by artists Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison in association with their contribution to a group exhibition called ‘For Inclusion in the Syllabi’ (details here –  FIITS_FSP).  The project involved a complex and unfolding network of artists, writers and academics who together explore aspects of the nature of collaboration as well as collaborating in their own right.  my contribution is a brief reflection on money as a diabolically collaborative project in which we all knowingly or not participate.  NB. this is just the raw text, I do not yet know how it is/was presented in the gallery.  I will add more details as and when I get them.  The essay will also be included in a publication from the exhibition in due course.  Details will follow.

The text can be found here –  Trickster in between.

A diagram of the radiating collaborative structure of 'For Inclusion in the Syllabi'

There is an interesting review of the exhibition here.